“It’s important to note that I worked in the mortgage industry for a few years, writing software to help mortgage brokers and lenders be more efficient and customer-focused in their work.

With that as context, I’ve dealt with a lot of brokers and lenders over the years, and when it came time to by a home in Austin, I was referred to Atif and his team at Adelo. My situation was not an easy one – in particular because I was keeping my previous home in California, which had a unique lending scenario, and my new home in Austin was a jumbo loan by a big margin. The lenders/underwriters asked for an unending list of historical financial information, and Atif and his team (and in particular Jeremy) were efficient, polite, quick to respond, and always helpful in making it as easy as possible. In addition, Atif did a good job of managing the market fluctuations and locking my rate just when it was at its low. No loan is a simple process these days, but Atif and his team are admirable partners, and I would recommend them without hesitation.”


Stacey Chang Sept 26, 2016


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